Welcome to My EMACS Help page

This page needed to get done.
I listened to a hacker public radio show about EMACS and installed on my Linksys Slug.
I was really suprised by what it could do.
There are a series of three hacker public radio shows about EMACS.
I wanted to had some helpful links and notes

First bit of advice do install the X version as it has all the keyboard short cuts listed in the menu.
Also have one in a terminal.
If you get stuck see the right command via X

There three Cheat sheets that I found useful

The revised version by Bob Rogers at Link
There is one from Standford with colored key strokes at Link
A very nice PDF file is at this Link

Three Classes I found about EMACS

EMACS introductory at YouTube Link
Xah Lee's Education about EMACS site has several faq pages Link
Standfords Unix Help Files Link

The EMACS hand book is offered at Link